Before I decided to open Polly and Pickles I fell in absolute LOVE with this amazing brand. I was traveling a few countries in Europe with my hubby, my mama and my extremely excited little toddler, Polly. We walked into a small boutique in Freiburg and that is where I first laid eyes on this adorable brand! Okker-Gokker is located in Denmark and has won the award as the "Best Danish Sustainable Children's Clothing" twice in a row. I then did a little research on the brand and discovered that not only is it amazing and such a unique style..it was GOTs certified organic. I have always thought non-synthetic materials like cotton were a completely healthy choice but boy was I wrong! Now I try and make healthier choices for our family.

     Okker-Gokker Organic is certified GOTS Organic which is the highest rank to be achieved at the organization, where 95% - 100% of the fibers are organic.