Why I love Original Sprout!

For around the first 6 months of my little Pollys life I refused to use anything on her new baby skin besides coconut, walnut or raw sesame oil and warm water for washing. I read so much about baby products containing harmful ingredients and it scared me! Now I am a outdoor girl, I absolutely love to get my hands in the dirt and garden and spend all day out in the sun..I was worried about what to do with the little runt who was riding on my back most of the time. So I did some more reading on brands that are actually natural, organic and SAFE! I found the Original Sprout sunscreen and was thrilled! Most sunscreens are not safe for babies till a year, and I never used sunscreen much either because the ingredients are way to much for me and most are not vegan as well. OS you can use from newborn and up. I use it on myself. Love this stuff. So when we decided to open Polly & Pickles and thought this would be a great choice to carry, because its a brand we sure believe in it so why not share it!  

A few reasons why I love Original Sprouts..

1. Original Sprout is made in California. This means the Best Consumer Protection in the U.S. Only California has the Safe Cosmetics Program & Prop 65. They have such strict regulations and so does the European Union which OS is also compliant with. You know when they say its safe, natural and organic this is exactly what your getting!

2. All OS products are vegan and cruelty free! They seem to love animals as much as we do!

3. They use all ingredients that are free from carcinogens, free from synthetic and natural hormone disrupters. All organic worry free ingredients! Is so hard to find a trustworthy and safe brand like this one! 

4. All OS products are great from newborn and up! Great for baby and adults alike! The natural organic rosemary helps prevents lice as well, which you know can be quite common in daycares and schools!

5. Original Sprout is environmentally responsible. Recycled shipping boxes are commonly used and skylights are in the fulfillment center for reduced energy consumption. Recyclable bottles & tubes are made from #2 FDA and is used in product production. For added consumer and environmental protection they do not use any unregulated plastic. The plastic they use is Phthalate Free regulated. There is also no extra packaging (Boxes / Clam Shells) used. Original Sprout also recycles bottles, paper, plastic & cardboard. Original Sprout will continue to strive to implement the latest technology in alternative energy, which directly contributes to cleaner air, water and a better future for our children.


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