Pollys Banana Berry Blast Smoothie

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Polly is a plant eater. A thriving, strong little plant eating runt! In fact, our whole family including the grammys, my sister and brother and hubby are either vegan or vegetarian. We all started out at first of course for our animal friends.  I grew up with a strong love for animals and want to pass this on to my Polly Cakes. Over the last 5 years Ive become very interested in the health benefits of a plant based diet, and I know its definitely best for our family. I love learning new amazing vegan recipes...mostly experimenting with cashew cream, I swear you can make anything out of this! AMAZING! So when I found out I was pregnant I read and read all about nutrition for my bubs, I was so nervous I would do something wrong with her diet..so far at age two she is one thriving little bean machine! She sure has a strong appetite and eats such a variety of whole foods. One of her favourite drinks is a fermented organic grass blend, sometime I can hardly get it down, lol! Makes me proud! So here is one of Polly favourite smoothies I thought I would share with you! We use all organic ingredients of course ;)

1 banana

a cup of strawberries or blueberries

about a half to 1 tbsp of chia seeds

1 tsp of came camu

small handful of goji berries

a few dates

I tsp spirulina 

almond milk


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