Be Warned - Non-Organic Bath and Body Products Contain Harmful Ingredients

Hazardous chemicals and toxins are not just in the food we eat; rather they are also commonly found in personal care and hygiene products such as bath gels, shower creams, makeup, moisturizers, etc. According to doctors, non-organic and toxic elements found in bath and body products are the main catalyst for disrupting endocrine functions. They have been reportedly associated with causing autoimmune diseases, cancer and other such chronic illnesses. It so important to watch what we apply to our little ones skin!
Our skin absorbs almost 60% of the topical product applied. As per international standards, 10,000 ingredients are safe to use in personal care and hygiene products. Nevertheless, most of the ingredients in the approved list contain toxic chemicals which are used across the board; be it in nail polish removers, facial moisturizers, shower gels or makeup. Among consumers of high-end products, there is a common misconception that expensive brands, especially those which supposedly use only vegan and organic ingredients, are safe. However, many brands in the market are not as safe as they seem to be.
Most nonorganic bath and body products contain hazardous chemicals that can irritate your eyes and skin. The most common ingredient used in such products is benzoyl alcohol. This chemical has been linked to liver damage and can cause mild to fatal allergic reactions. Another chemical which is commonly used in such products is methylparaben, which can cause ovarian and breast cancer. Moreover, the preservatives used in bath and body products are now considered to be a primary cause of cancer.
Many human rights organizations are now campaigning against manufacturers and retailers, in an attempt to block them from selling products which are harmful, inorganic or contain parabens.
Hence, if you are concerned about your health and overall wellbeing, the first step is to head to an organic store and look for products that are free from toxins. Moreover, you need to be careful while making a purchase since some stores claim to be natural and organic, but carry products which are not completely free from harmful toxins such as benzoyl alcohol and methylparaben. Additionally, there are many online vendors who are now retailing organic products which are a viable option in contrast to big brands that are cheating their buyers.
As a sensible buyer, it is your duty to avoid using toxic products. With increased demand for organic and toxic free products today, many businesses are rushing to capitalize on the opportunity by offering safer alternatives. Moreover, such products are generally cheaper than over the counter products and big brands.
By investing in such bath and body products, you can make a commitment to opt for a healthier lifestyle with lessened exposure to hazardous chemicals. Your skin requires care which can be provided by mild, organic products that are free from harmful toxins. Hence, with the Internet becoming an important part of our everyday lives, smart buyers are advised to conduct thorough research before investing in products that could potentially cause chronic and non-curable illnesses such as cancer.

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